6 September 2022

BM Connect and Paycircle – Infrastructure and functionality Q&A

As announced in June this year, BM Connect has partnered with cloud-based payroll provider, Paycircle, offering clients a collaborative, more modern payroll platform and delivering a payroll technology solution which revolutionises the UK’s payroll industry.

But what does this mean from an infrastructure perspective and how does it benefit our clients? 

Here we ask and answer some key questions relating to the Paycircle infrastructure:

What advantages does putting our operation in the cloud give us?

By properly embracing cloud technology, Paycircle brings better security, countless processing efficiencies, more powerful automation and efficient and effective collaboration.

Which cloud platform is Paycircle hosted on?

Paycircle uses Microsoft Azure – chosen for its limitless scalability, regulatory compliance and focus on security whilst offering a unified delivery plan and built-in Disaster Recovery capability.

Are the Payroll servers in the UK?

All customer databases are stored within the UK. We host some applications and services on servers in Western Europe through which encrypted data passes in a transient fashion. Backups are stored in other regions for reasons of contingency and disaster recovery.

What are Paycircle’s system uptime/downtime statistics for the last 12 months?

There were no instances of application downtime hence our uptime is effectively equivalent to our hosting provider Microsoft Azure which is at least 99.995%

How do our staff perform ‘what-if’ scenarios with live company data?

Paycircle provides the ability to ‘clone’ a live payroll into test mode so that payroll calculations can be performed and the results evaluated before they are applied to the live payroll.

How do our staff ‘play’ with data to try out different features?

Paycircle provides a playground where you can set-up dummy payrolls and experiment with different scenarios.

Find out more about how BM Connect in partnership with Paycircle can help your business improve payroll efficiency and future-proof your payroll function securely and scalably. Enquire today.

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