24 August 2022

Choosing the right payroll provider for you

Finding the perfect payroll solution is not always easy, but choosing the right one for your business can make all the difference in ensuring that your employees are paid accurately and on time every month.

With payroll being the cornerstone of any business, here are 5 points to look out for when choosing the right payroll provider for you. 

1. Industry-leading payroll software and payroll delivery systems, coupled with extensive advisor expertise – making it easier and more efficient for you to access your payroll reports, payslips and statistics

2. Automation of the easier aspects of payroll – using software to automate the easy stuff so you’re not paying professional fees for basic admin jobs.

3. Processes for checking and updating employee details regularly – a change in an employee’s details may affect deductions and legal requirements, so providers must be vigilant about updating them.

4. Secure data – ensure that your provider handles the privacy and security of your business and employee data discreetly, and has has safeguards are in place to ensure your data remains secure

5. Tiered services – enabling you to choose the right package to suit your individual requirements and budget. And options to enable your provider to expand their services to you, as your business grows

With payroll outsourcing, it often comes down to what’s most efficient and cost-effective for your business. It pays to do your homework and assess your business needs before making a decision. If you get the right provider, you’ll spend less time thinking about payroll and more time doing what you do best – running and growing your business.

BM Connect offers integrated, flexible and affordable outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and payroll solutions. Our streamlined and tech-enabled approach to managing your finance function ensures that we deliver value to your business cost effectively and efficiently.

  • The expertise of an in-house team, but without the extensive in-house financial cost
  • Affordable and effective accounting services using the latest cloud-based technology
  • Comprehensive payroll solution tailored and scaled to suit your needs
  • Using industry-leading technology, routine accounting and bookkeeping tasks are automated, making the process more efficient

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