2 March 2022

Changes to National Insurance and Statutory Sick Pay

National Insurance Increase

From 6th April, National Insurance is increasing by 1.25% for all employees, employers and the self-employed. This is due to the introduction of the Health and Social Care Levy to provide extra funding for the NHS, health and social care.

For the forthcoming tax year there will be an increase in National Insurance deductions on employee payslips and in April 2023 this will be replaced with a separate deduction for Health and Social Care Levy.

There are calculators available online for assistance with working out the financial impact of the increase on employees

For our payroll clients, we will be including a payslip message from April 2022 onwards as per HMRC instructions as follows: 1.25% uplift in NICs funds NHS, health & social care

Full details on Gov.UK on the National Insurance increase

Statutory Sick Pay (Covid) Reclaims Are Ending

HMRC facility for employers to reclaim SSP paid out to employees off sick with Covid-19 is ending soon. Employers have until 24th March 2022 to submit any final claims for absences up to 17th March. This is also the final date for correcting any prior claims.

This only applies to Statutory Sick Pay payments relating to Covid-19. Other Statutory Sick Pay payments are not reclaimable.

Full details on Gov.uk on the SSP reclaim facility

Please get in touch with your usual BM Connect payroll contact for further assistance or email info@bmconnect.co.uk.

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